products Blobel Spill Containment and Flood Protection Systems

Blobel spill barriers are perfectly adaptable for all your company requirements. Whether you plan a new building or strive to improve the environmental protection of an old building, we have the right barrier for every situation.

Blobel flood protection barriers are simply inserted into brackets permanently attached to any door that is likely to be exposed to flooding. Mobile or stationary fixtures enable you to erect entire flood protection walls – even across a street, for example. BLOBEL also offers tailor-made window covers to prevent flood water from entering your premises.

Our spill and containment barriers ensure safety. The various models can be fitted in front of and in the opening of doors and gates as well as in front of and in concrete or steel bunds. One particular characteristic of BLOBEL products is the special sealing technology which we introduced.

Please visit our Video Page to witness Blobel Automatic Barrier Systems in action.

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